✰Genuine compassion,love & care for your Feline Companion. Cats are pampered with feline enrichment,love, cuddles & care - of course at their individual discretion. 😉

✰Luxury Feline Accommodation(human and feline beds, duvets etc).

✰Spacious,cosy,safe units with several levels, can be individually adjusted (for Seniors e.g.).

✰Guests have the freedom of spending individual time in secure indoor play rooms and secure outdoor areas.If consent is given, they can also play, spend time together with other selected cats from other households.

✰Walks on property with harness trained Guests.

✰Air conditioning and air purifier.

✰Regular updates of your Loved One(s) (videos, photos etc).

✰Veterinary hygiene protocol and Veterinary supervision by Owner. 

✰We generally do not have any staff for Cosy Cats and our personal life (domestic, gardener) on our property. Cats are only ever handled, fed, exercised, cleaned up after and loved by us. This means, we should know swiftly if your cats are not eating, not well or have upset tummies or any other problems. It also means, that we usually learn quickly each pet's idiosyncrasies, habits, likes and dislikes.

✰We are private & peaceful and aim to make your companion’s stay as stress-free, cosy & fun as possible while you are away.

✰If your cat is on a special (prescription/raw/wet food) diet, please bring it along. We provide top end dry food, generally Royal Canin Neutered Satiety and or Ultra Cat Optimal Balance.Please confirm at enquiry current availability (as food suppliers sometimes change their diets and website might not be up to date).

Please visit our FB page for more pictures. -> @CosyCatsHelderberg

Maya & Aella


Vaccinations have to be up to date with regards to the following  diseases:

-FPV (known as Feline Panleukopenia /feline distemper/parvovirus/feline    enteritis)

-FHV-1 (known as Feline Herpesvirus/Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis also known as cat flu)

-FCV (Feline Calicivirus also known as Snuffles/cat flu)

-Rabies - incurable, fatal disease

-  FeLV  Feline Leukaemia Virus (commonly known as feline cancer, Aids – destruction of the immune system)


Cats have to be neutered/spayed and up to date with deworming, tick & flea treatment.



1 cat - R 130 per day                                                                                                                             

2 cats - R 200  per day

3 cats - R 280  per day

4 cats - R 360 per day

Please note, that discounted rates for long term - & regular Guests are available and are individually quoted.